First Date Tips: 6 Ways to Set Yourself Apart

First dates are sort of like job interviews. They have high stakes. You want to look good. Both parties are hoping it’s a good match. 

And just like a job interview, there are ways you can set yourself apart on a first date. And you should, in order to stand out and to hopefully provide a memorable time. 

Bond Over Something Unique
We all know first dates are a lot of listing past jobs, and siblings, and what you do for fun. And that’s all fine! It’s important, albeit a bit tedious to run through if you are going on a lot of first dates. But instead of just focusing on this classic information, try to connect and really bond over something on the first date so they will remember you as that person that had that important thing in common. Whatever it is, try to connect over something slightly unique. Bonding is the first step to a great friendship or relationship. 

Plan a Good Date
If you’re the date planner, you have an opportunity to really stand out. Some people try to be too unique on a first date and really go all out. There are many ways to make a date memorable without pulling out all the stops. If you are going out for drinks, reserve your table, or get there a bit early to suss out the best spot in the house. If you are going out for dinner, do the same thing but also bring a bottle of your favorite wine and pay the corking fee like it’s no problem. 

If you’re going to a sports game, make sure you get the works: hot dogs, cotton candy, etc. Do something, even a small thing, to make the date stand out and feel special. 

Leave The Phone In The Pocket
Disclaimer: if you’re a woman and you’re looking at your phone to let your friends know you’re okay, go for it, but bonus points if you do it in the bathroom.

A good rule of thumb: phones are for sharing photos, but that’s it. No texting, social media, or calls. Staying off your phone will make you stand out.

You’d think this is obvious, but it’s not! Actively listen. It makes a huge difference on a first date or any date. It’s very important to listen and retain information when someone is telling you about themselves. 

Be Yourself
Cheesy and cliche, but it’s probably the most important thing. You have to be yourself to have a good first date. If you’re being someone else, or not being authentic to who you are, none of it will matter in the long run. Be honest, be as open as is appropriate for a first date, and get to know this person who has agreed to spend time with you. The more yourself you are, the more equipped you’ll be to decide if they are a person you’d like to keep seeing. 

First dates are not easy, but it’s important to make the best of it and put your best foot forward. You can do this!