Meet People Online: 8 Things a Good Profile Needs

Even though most people think it’s the easiest way to meet singles, online dating can daunting. You’re trying to convince other singles why you’re worth taking a chance on, and making a good impression is important.

Dating is supposed to be fun, but if you want to be successful you need to put in a bit of effort.

Don’t Brag 
An online profile isn’t a resume of personal achievements. If you’re especially proud of one thing, it’s worth mentioning. But keep it to a minimum, and try to make it something that’ll start a conversation. Stating that you were the valedictorian won’t lead to many follow-up questions. But, saying you won the Salmon Fishing Tournament is more fun and can open up a conversation about fishing, fish, or sports in general. 

Don’t Be a Downer 
On the same page, you don’t want to undersell yourself and convince people that you’re worth passing up. If you have low self-confidence, don’t make it obvious in your profile. Statements like “I doubt anyone is going to read this,” or “I’m nothing special” will make people feel like you’re a bummer to be around. In order to make people like you, you’ve got to like yourself.

Crack an Original Joke
Avoid the stereotypes and dad jokes (unless you’re actually a dad) and try to think up something clever that’ll make them laugh. Maybe it’s a funny observation or a humorous story about online dating gone wrong. Show you’re relatable and easy to talk to. Avoid touchy subjects like politics or sexuality, anything that can get offensive. Play it safe. 

Show Your Quirks 
If you really enjoy puns or like to hold late-night dance parties with your roommates, put that in there. It’s part of what makes you who you are, and it may be the one thing that makes you stand out from the crowd. Your true match will find all of these little details to be endearing, and it’ll help the two of you build chemistry. 

Be Honest 
There are a lot of short guys out there who think their height will stop them from finding love. I’m not going to lie: height is currency for men in the dating world. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. And nobody is going to overlook the 3-inch difference you lied about. If you start with a lie, the relationship isn’t going anywhere. That’s it. 

Don’t Be Picky 
It’s a big turnoff when someone’s profile has a grocery list of things they won’t accept in a match. They might feel like this’ll help them narrow down the experience, but it comes off as shallow. It’s okay to have a physical preference, but you may be weeding out some great people if you make it a top priority on your profile. Remember, you don’t have to respond to everyone who shoots you a message. 

Make a Pop Cultural Comment
If you want to spark a conversation, TV, music, and art are good places to start. You don’t have to be an expert, but it’s a good way to invite discussion. Try to remember when you match with someone, you have next to no information. It’s like cold approaching someone in public. This will help your potential date have something to go off of.

Use Clear and Recent Photos 
If it wasn’t taken in the last year, ditch it. If you don’t have any recent photos, get someone to take a couple. It’s okay if you’re not feeling your best right now. Remember that the person in the photo is the person your match will be looking for at the bar or restaurant you meet at, so you don’t want to misrepresent yourself by showcasing who you were 10 years ago.

It might take you some practice in order to create a great profile that you’re proud of, and that’s okay. Just remember that you want to showcase the positive, and keep it real. Don’t sabotage your chances by coming off as pompous, or worse, someone completely different than who you are.