When to Break Up: 6 Signs It’s Time to End It

No matter how great the chemistry was at the beginning of the relationship, if you start experiencing a lot of negative emotions together, it may be time to end it. After realizing you’ve done your best to make things work, it raises questions around whether it’s worth pursuing. 

Overlooking important clues could prolong you from ending the relationship. If you need some help deciding if it’s the right time, here are six signs that it’s time to end the relationship.

Lack of communication

A constant communication breakdown will lead to many negative feelings such as mistrust, rejection, and disappointment. If your partner is showing a lack of interest in discussing feelings, it is likely that they will begin showing similar patterns in physical aspects of the relationship too. 

This is also true if you get the sense that your partner doesn’t feel comfortable opening up, no matter how many times you’ve tried. Sensing a strong disconnect from your partner when expressing yourself is one of the first signs that it could be time to end it.

Being on different pages

If your partner is pushing you to do things too quickly, like moving in together or getting engaged before you’re ready, it may be a sign they’re rushing into things. Healthy relationships develop naturally. You need time to get to know each other properly before taking the next step. 

Feeling constant pressure to make commitments before you’re ready is a huge red flag. Why the hurry? Ask yourself whether you’re ready to progress? Do you feel as though the relationship is moving too fast? 

The opposite can also be true. If you’re frustrated with trying to get your partner to make bigger commitments, it could be that they aren’t ready yet. In both scenarios, there’s a tug of war between your individual needs. Failing to agree to the pace of your relationship can cause future complications.

Emotional or physical abuse

If your partner is  jealous, tries to control you or abuses you (either physically or emotionally), you should end the relationship. You cannot change your partner’s character or personality, no matter what you do to stay in their good books. 

The emotional toll of walking on eggshells around an abusive partner can lead to depression, anxiety, and self-esteem issues. It’s best to find your way out of this situation as soon as possible. 

No boundaries 

In a relationship, boundaries create limits for yourself and your partner. They balance pleasing yourself and with your partners needs. If you find that your partner is constantly rejecting boundaries you’ve set, it’s a clear sign that it may not work out. Someone who truly respects you will not try to walk all over you or ignore the boundaries that you’ve set in place. 

Endless drama

A hidden sign of a flagging relationship is when you and your partner are in constant conflict. This covers everything from bickering about chores to bigger issues such as infidelity or dishonesty.

Not only is this an emotional roller coaster, it’s also unhealthy. If you’ve been dealing with this sort of scenario for some time it’s worth considering whether it’s sensible to prolong your relationship.

Emotional codependency

According to PsychCentral, codependency is a dysfunctional relationship where one person heavily relies on the other to satisfy their emotional needs. If you’re in this kind of relationship, it’s likely you and your partner are dissatisfied giving over the odds whilst feeling you’re receiving little support in return.

If your relationship shows any of these signs, it’s going to be hard to grow as a couple. Getting through it involves admitting what it is you’re unhappy about. Accepting things that cannot be changed whilst working together to improve the things that can is sage advice too. That said, breaking up with your significant other is never easy. Hopefully, these signs will give you reassurance, and get you moving on the right track.